People, Pet Location tracking & protection

Worried about your child’s safety? frustrated with you pet wondering off all the time? Agonize no longer, know exactly where your loved one is with pinpoint accuracy using dependable GPS technology. Receive constant real time alerts straight from your smartphone seamlessly through the mobile app. With a simple push of a button, your loved one can even notify you in the case of an emergency.

Asset Tracking & Safe Keeping

Constantly afraid of your bike getting stolen? Always feeling like your bag isn't where you left it? LinkD presents on the go location tracking with a portable base station. Whether you are studying at the library, or hustling around at your home, feel relaxed knowing your belonging are safe. Increase your assurance by setting a virtual fence completely around your location to ensure security of your valuables at all times.

Home/Office Security & Monitoring

Ever had that gnawing feeling because you can’t remember whether you have left your garage door/windows/front doors open? Feel content and satisfied knowing your beloved home is secure with high tech motion sensors keeping track of every door and window. accurately monitor the quality of living within your home and garden through LinkD’s incredible capacity to oversee temperature, humidity, light, co2, smoke detection, co and even sound.

Positive habit building

Always wanted to form better habits but didn’t know how to? LinkD will get you started! Whether its increasing your water intake or exercising more often, LinkD will constantly monitor your health and provide notifications to help you form better habits. With Its motion sensing capabilities, it will also help you with routine activities such as taking the trash out or taking medication on time.